Cloud Computing

We help businesses find the right cloud solution to support their unique IT needs. Migrating to cloud computing, be it IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS shouldn’t cause headaches. By utilizing critical industry trends and leveraging the latest innovations in cloud migration, we help you accelerate the transition and find real value in cloud infrastructure. Our carefully orchestrated cloud strategies, roadmaps, workflows, key adoption processes, and end-to-end support can help you find tangible cloud results and business value in a short time.

We help you achieve IT operational efficiency
no matter the industry

How Sydnia Can Help

Providing value and results —  not just promises, by

Providing rapid end-to-end cloud acceleration through key toolkits, advantageous partner relationships,  and crucial cloud strategies.

Tackling any cloud migration across multiple platforms (e.g., AWS, Azure, or GCP) with key insights into best-of-choice platform selections.

Transferring decades of experience  backed by forward-thinking and tech evangelist thinking.

Securing any type of migration. From cloud to-cloud, data center to data center, data center to the cloud, or any specific hybrid structure, Sydnia is there and ready to provide critical assistance and guidance.

Presenting assessments that help glue tangible results into your migration, including — risk assessments, migration assessments, storage assessments, data center assessments, and workflow assessments.

Furnishing teamwork and reputation  by integrating our practices with your  team needs.

Why Choose Sydnia?

From Fortune 500 companies to SMEs, Sydnia has facilitated cloud-based change in businesses ranging from oil and gas, healthcare, fintech, and financial services to wellness and tech. Our customers leave with a smile on their face every time. We’re not a cost — we’re an investment in your future.  We can help you:

Identify business and IT drivers for cloud computing

Build a comprehensive cloud roadmap

Select the right cloud platform for your needs

Determine if you need a hybrid, private, or public cloud support

Craft your cloud transformation

And direct your migration loads to the cloud using flexible plans and roadmaps

Plus, we ensure that your entire process is invisible to stakeholders.

Ready to Realize the Value in Cloud?

We’re forward-thinking and progress-driven, and we want you to succeed. Don’t think of us as consultants — think of us as team members.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Moving to the cloud could be the single most important business decision you make this year. Let us help you make your move easy, painless, and tangible. We’ll coordinate with your entire team to create a solution that you want and your business needs.

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