Our Founders

Kapil Khanna

Technology, Change Engineering, & Architecture

With extensive enterprise architecture experience and a background in integration and system designs, Kapil Khanna has the strategic vision to help brands implement deep tissue changes and realize the benefits of disruptive IT frameworks. Kapil has worked with several Fortune 500 startups ranging from oil & gas to health and wellness. An entrepreneur at heart, Kapil has helped brands like Visa and Western Union migrate core systems and change their technology landscapes. As an agile evangelist, Kapil helps bring sustainability and rapid growth to brands’ tech ecosystems. Kapil prides himself on the success and transformation of each business he works with, and he builds real, personal relationships with each client that walks through the door.

Dr. Frankie Sackey

Service Management, Governance, & Transformation

With an extensive background in IT consulting, Frankie is a seasoned professional who has lent his analytical skills and organizational leadership to companies across industry channels. Frankie has key skills in process assessment, design/redesign, deployment and management, improvement and optimization, as well as agile frameworks and software development lifecycle management. A chief problem-solver, Frankie prides himself on accomplishing IT transformation and building strategic roadmaps to success.  Frankie can help build end-to-end solutions within strict timeframes and competitive channels. Plus, as a lifelong soccer fan, he has the endurance to go the extra mile on every project — regardless of the score. Being a small business doesn’t mean you should have small goals. As much fun as goals scored in the 90th minute are, it is better to score early and often in business

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